Snowman Trek Bhutan – Mountains in Bloom

Sep 27, 2019 | Bhutan

The revised route of our Snowman Trek took us through a wider array of altitudes and climate zones than originally planned. It was springtime in the Himalayas, and we saw an incredible array of blooms—dozens of species of rhododendrons, whole fields of primula, tiny micro-flowers growing in soil crusts, and thousands of irises in every shade of purple. As we moved through different regions, we discovered a continuing succession of new flowers: blood red orchids, spotted cobra lilies, and ever more rhododendrons. Bhutan has more varieties of rhododendrons than almost anywhere in the world. So for today…just lots of flower photos!

Cobra Lily
Fritillaria lily – endangered medicinal plant
Rhododendrons in unusual colors
Himalayan Lady Slipper Orchid (Cypripedium)
More rhododendrons
Tiny rhododendrons
Tiny cluster flowers
Himalayan iris
Thousands of irises!
More tiny flowers
Himalayan Yellow Swallowtail & primula
Himalayan orchid
Tiny flowers in high alpine biocrusts.