WHat clients say…

As magical as the climb to base camp is with the most majestic mountains anyone has ever encountered, it would not have been nearly as fulfilling had we not had Deana as our guide. Deana brings the place ALIVE, with her stories of the local people, their lives, their culture, their fascinating history, and their religion. We could not have imagined a better trip or a better guide! –Jenny & Wayne Miller, NC

Deana is amazing. She looked after each of us while also letting us have our space and make our own decisions. Her knowledge of the culture, language, and history of Nepal is exceptional, and I enjoyed learning from her. I simply can’t imagine a better guide for this trek. –Taru Helne, Washington D.C.

I have been on several treks, but the one we took this Spring far surpassed them all. Your compassion for the people and love for Nepal was obvious. From the moment of our first group meeting you made me feel that we were friends and had known each other for years. Your insights to the culture and history added a unique element to the trip which made it even better. Without a doubt you made this trip unforgettable. Bryan Cermak, IL

Deana takes the trekking experience to another level. It will be hard to imagine finding on future treks a more organized and knowledgeable guide. Her ability to speak the language and her good relationship with locals in various villages will take you to places most trekkers will not go. I understand why she was selected “Guide of the Year 2013” from Wanderlust Magazine in the UK. –Brian Bogdanovich, Vancouver B.C.

Deana was impressive and inspiring. The trek was more of an overall experience with her as she shared the best Nepal and the Himalayas had to offer, and it was clear that her top priority was the “people” aspect of the trek, both trekkers and staff. –Pam Lattin, ME

Deana is fantastic.  All of our cultural explorations were amazing.  Her comprehensive knowledge of Tantric Buddhism was a great help as she identified the figures portrayed in paintings and on altars, and put them into a contextual and historical framework which helped me understand how they all fit together and what it all meant. I also really appreciate her regard for the local people and our trekking crew. She takes care of everyone! –John Allen, CA

Thanks so much for a wonderful experience—we will never forget it or you. I felt that we were able to experience things that most other travelers don’t—all due to your knowledge of the Nepali people and language. Your obvious love for Nepal, its people and language make this a one of a kind experience. –Mary & Gary Reber, ID

It was a wonderful and eye-opening trip. Your insights into Nepali culture and history made for a much, much richer experience than I would have had if I had come on my own. I think that your planning and preparation for this trip was very professional and near perfect. –Lew Harden, USA

Words cannot adequately express my appreciation for your care and guidance on the Everest Base Camp trek. I found the hikes to be challenging, but not overwhelming. The views were stunning, and the Buddhist and Hindu temples intriguing. I think your feelings for this country are contagious, as I come away with a love of the Nepali people and culture. –Susan Sloatman, TN

Deana is an incredible person and professional. We couldn’t have a better person to be our guide. Unforgettable moments!! –Michelle Chavez, Brazil

Deana’s greatest ability is to collect people and deliver an experience that is both meaningful and everlasting. –Nicolas Hutchins, CA

Thank you so much for the fabulous trek! A beautiful and secret place, great people and events, terrific new friends, everything excellently planned and managed. It couldn’t have been better! –Martin Sidwell, ME

Deana was simply amazing. –Krista Means, WA

Deana’s wealth of knowledge and cultural sensitivity towards the Nepalese people (and others) enriched the trekking far beyond the grandeur of the mountains; a true Himalayan experience that far exceeded my expectation. –Jeannette Sivertsen, CA

Deana’s knowledge, friendliness, obvious love for the area, and true respect for her support crew (who were all, by the way, spectacular and open to us) was wonderful to experience….so fun!! –Tracy Shreve, CA

Deana is a really outstanding person, who has great leadership, and shows great compassion and caring for her group. –Gary Eykhof, Australia

“It’s an experience not to be missed because of the unrivaled scenery and splendid vistas of the Himalayas. The experience was enriched by the group camaraderie and facilitated by an extremely well-oiled organization that provides good support and outstanding leadership. If you are an experienced hiker and stay fit and train for the trip, you can make it to Everest Base Camp. Thanks!!” –Dr. Ben Eidelman, FL

Traveling with Deana allowed us to see Nepal from the inside out. We were able to connect with the locals and gain insight into the culture that other trekking groups definitely missed out on. A very unique, worthwhile, and memorable trip. –Nicole Malfaite, CA

Deana was excellent at handling issues with people of varying abilities and levels of concern, including altitude sickness accommodations for multiple trekkers at varying times. Everything went flawlessly, and Deana was wonderful in getting us comfortable with our surroundings and guiding us each day. At the same time, she enthusiastically mixed in fascinating stories about Nepal history and culture, adding an educational facet to the trip. Thank You for such a wonderful experience! –Jeff (Spider) Webster, IL

I want to thank you for the phenomenal trek and experience I had. To say it was the best trip I’ve ever been on wouldn’t even cut it. It was so much more than that. I’m sure you have clients who say this a lot, but I truly believe the experience was all that much better because you were the guide. I really appreciated your true leadership, the let’s go and get it done style mixed with calm appreciation and sensitivity. This trip meant a lot to me, a huge goal and concept that I have focused on for the past year. Thank you for being the perfect guide and helping me be successful! –Brittany Reed, CO

It was a totally fabulous, marvelous, spectacular, magnificent and unforgettable vacation. –Deborah Thompson, Mexico

I would trust Deana with my life. Her guidance was impeccable and her knowledge and love of the Nepalese culture is vast; she will do whatever it takes to make sure you have the best trip possible, no matter what types of obstacles may arise (we happened to get caught in a revolution and a white-out on our trip, but Deana was unphased and the trip went smoothly because of her efforts). –Anna Conklin, CA

Thanks for helping us better understand the wonderful people and experience the gorgeous mountains. The trip would not have been complete without you as your love for this country showed in everything you did. –Kathy Deutsch, FL

Deana was awesome. She made the trip 100 times more enjoyable. Excellent trekking and cultural knowledge; looked after me when I was very sick in Tengboche; very patient; makes the trip fun and exciting; always keeps the safety of her trekkers as her #1 priority; gave us a better understanding and respect for our sherpa/porters; always energetic (even when we were exhausted); tons of experience in the Khumbu. Best guide I’ve ever had for a trip. –Eric Czepyha, NY

Deana is an exceptional guide. She cares about each individual participant and cares about Nepal and its people. You not only trek but she helps you learn about Nepal’s history, geography, and the culture of the country. –Barbara Gessaman, OH

Deana was fantastic… I would travel almost anywhere if she were the guide! –Shellie Robertson, OR

Deana’s knowledge of the area, the culture, the language and the people are outstanding. She clearly has a high regard for the staff and ensured that we had great opportunities to interact. This made the trip extra special. It was about the journey and the destination! What a great trip! Everything was so well thought out and organized. The local staff was excellent! –Beth Machamer, OR