Upcoming Journeys

Nepal Charity Trip

We look forward to running a special fundraising trip and donor tour in the future to benefit our landmark Women’s Safe House and our Organic Coffee & Nut Farm program in eastern Nepal (both established by Changing Lives Nepal).

We will visit the Women’s Safe House in Sankhuwasabha District, which provides safety and support for women victims of violence in the remote Himalayas and also visit organic coffee and macadamia nut farms helping lift rural families out of poverty. We’ll have a chance to taste the local coffee, talk with farmers and women, and learn about people’s lives throughout the region – all amidst the world’s most spectacular mountains! Get in touch for details.


Bhutan Spiritual Adventure

Connect ancient Buddhist wisdom with modern life and be immersed in the culture and spiritual depth of the Himalayas. This journey combines personal discovery with hiking, monastery and village visits, Buddhist teachings, a mask dance festival, and more! The days will blend regional exploration of the outer world with activities to explore the inner world: guided meditation and relaxation, writing & reflection, small-group sharing, somatic practice, cultivating intention, mantra, etc. Both the inner and outer explorations will incorporate the rich traditions and iconography of Himalayan Buddhism. 

Annual Retreat, U.S.

Beginning next year, I’ll be offering an annual retreat in the U.S. to hike, stretch, meditate, reflect, and revitalize. After spending the pandemic exploring in the Western U.S., I’m excited to connect you to stunning landscapes and to create space for us to move out of our head-centered world and live more deeply in the body, balancing the intensity of modern life with a grounded inner peace. Get in touch for details.


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